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Working With IES Remotely

While UMBC is engaging in remote work and reduced physical interaction so as to minimize the risk of transmission, you will still be able to access IES’s services electronically.

All immigration processes are available to international students through the IES Portal.  This includes, CPT, OPT, STEM OPT, I-20 program extensions, and more.  In addition, IES has developed a new OPT Application Review process through the IES Portal that allows you to upload your complete OPT application packet as a single PDF file so that IES staff can check it one more time before you submit it to USCIS by mail.

Common IES services and how to continue to use them:

  • General questions and Immigration Advising: Please use email ( for immigration advising needs, and we will reply as quickly as possible.  If you prefer to meet via phone or Webex online meeting, please email with your availability for an appointment, and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment with you.  We will continue to process IES Portal applications as usual also.

  • IES will retain the ability to issue I-20’s, upload scanned copies to your IES Portal account, and mail I-20 copies as needed.


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