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Visas and Electronic I-20’s

Visa appointment update

As of early June, most Embassies have not resumed regular visa application processes, and only some have offered appointment slots for the future.  The US Department of State has announced that individual Embassy and Consulate locations will determine their own location re-opening based on conditions in their individual cities.

We recommend that you identify the Embassy or Consulate location where you plan to apply, and monitor their website for any updates as to when their regular visa services will again be available.


Electronic I-20 copies

Throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, a printed copy of a signed I-20 that was shared with you electronically can be used in place of an original I-20 for official purposes such as applying for a visa and entering the US.  IES suggests carrying the following statement when using the I-20 copy, which cites the rules allowing for this practice.  It has also been sent to students as they receive final, signed I-20 copies from our office.

UMBC Electronic I-20 Statement

Please note you will need to receive an I-20 from IES that is signed by an IES staff member, and print that I-20 out, and sign it in the “student attestation section” for it to be official.



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