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J-1 Program Changes

DS-2019 Extension

If you will continue in your position at UMBC beyond your DS-2019 end date, you will need to apply for an Extension.

Please complete this form and the listed requirements with your department, and submit them to IES; we will then adjust the end date on your DS-2019:

J-1 Extension Form

Remember that each J-1 category has a maximum amount of time, and we cannot extend your DS-2019 beyond that amount of time:

  • Research Scholar/Professor – Maximum 5 years
  • Short-term Scholar: Maximum 6 months
  • Degree-seeking Student: No Maximum


Completing J-1 Visit Early

Please notify if you plan to complete your J-1 program earlier than your DS-2019 end date, and we will adjust your DS-2019.


Transfer to a new J-1 Program outside of UMBC

If you will leave UMBC and move your J-1 status to a new school or program, please complete the J-1 Transfer Form in advance, so we can schedule the transfer with your new program.