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J-1 Categories and Eligibility

UMBC is authorized to sponsor exchange visitors for its Exchange Visitor Program in certain J-1 categories. These categories are for the participation of faculty and staff only. NO staff titles are eligible for J-1 sponsorship.

UMBC is approved to sponsor the following categories:

  • J-1 Professor & Research Scholar
    The J-1 Research Scholar and Professor categories are intended for qualified international professors and researchers to come to UMBC for temporary, non-tenure track appointments. This category is only utilized for Faculty and Fellow appointments. UMBC sponsors instructors and researchers who have obtained the equivalent of a U.S. Master’s degree or higher. All J-1 Research Scholars admitted to the U.S. are automatically subject to the ’24-month bar’ on repeat Research Scholar participation.
  • J-1 Short-Term Scholar
    The J-1 Short-Term Scholar category is intended for qualified international professors and researchers to come to UMBC for temporary, non-tenure track appointments lasting no longer than 6 months. The objectives of the Short-Term Scholar category are similar to those of the Professor/Research Scholar categories; however, sponsorship in the Short-Term Scholar category cannot be extended beyond six months.This category is only utilized for Faculty and Fellow appointments. The “12- and 24-Month” bars do NOT apply to the Short-Term Scholar category.
  • J-1 Student
    J-1 students must be admitted to UMBC through the appropriate admissions office in order to pursue either degree-seeking or non-degree-seeking study. In addition to being fully admitted, they must meet one of the following criteria:1. They are coming pursuant to a bilateral tuition exchange agreement that UMBC has signed with their home institution OR2. Their studies are primarily funded from the U.S. government, their home country government, an international organization, a bi-national commission of the United States and a foreign country, or the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Funding required to qualify for J-1 sponsorship:

The Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area is an expensive part of the country. Because of the high cost of living, and the J-1 compliant insurance, UMBC requires proof of funding in the following amounts per month of residence at UMBC. Note: J-1 student participants on a bilateral tuition exchange program meet different financial minimums. Please contact the UMBC Study Abroad Office for these amounts.

  • Minimum of $ 2300/month of J-1 sponsorship
  • Minimum of $ 600/month for accompanying spouse
  • Minimum of $ 450/month for each accompanying child