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I-20 Information and Financial Requirements

I-20 Information

An I-20 is the name of an immigration document required to apply for an F-1 visa.  The I-20 is issued by an individual school in the US, and includes a summary of all relevant information for the school and student, including the dates you are anticipated to be enrolled in the degree program at that school and how you will cover the costs of your education in the US.

While an I-20 includes three pages, the first page has the information that is relevant for new students.  A sample I-20 can be found here: Sample I-20 

IES will work with all admitted Graduate and Undergraduate international students on all matters related to the I-20. Students outside the US will receive a new I-20, and students already in the US will work with IES to transfer their existing I-20 to UMBC.


I-20 Requirements

To make an I-20 for you, the school you have been admitted to must verify that you have been admitted; that your personal information is correct; and that you have adequate funding to cover the costs of your education in the US.

You can send the required documents for your I-20 with your application, or email them to the IES office at after you have been admitted.  Please be sure to include the following documents:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Proof of Available Funding, including letter of support from financial sponsor if appropriate
    (You can use your own letter of support, or use our sample template)

Please read more details on acceptable proof of funding, specific funding amounts required and more here:

Spring 2019 Financial Requirements

Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 Financial Requirements


If you will bring a dependent spouse or children to the US with you, please be sure to review the additional requirements for your family’s F-2 visas in the F-2 Dependents section of our website.


Note on Health Insurance

F-1 students at UMBC are required to be enrolled in a US Health Insurance plan.  All F-1 UMBC students are automatically enrolled in UMBC’s Health Insurance plan upon registration each semester.  Please plan for these expenses as noted in the information above.  For more information on UMBC’s Health Insurance plan, and the requirements to try to waive this plan and use another US plan, please review the information here.